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There are many different ways an individual or companies may purchase our products and services. You may even test drive the service before you purchase anything to make sure Accelstream is a good fit for your needs. Review the purchase categories and payment methods below to understand better how we work with our customers during the purchase process.
Individual Subscriptions
Individual subscriptions are paid via electronic payment methods in advance of the month of service use.
Payment Methods
Individual purchases may be made by using any of the following electronic payments:
Click Here to view available subscription plans.
Company / Organization
Companies and organizations may purchase the Accelstream services in one of two ways, volume licensing or individual purchasing via a company or group code. This flexibility allows payment from a central source, or from an individual, with a variety of online payment methods.
Payment Methods
Individuals within a company or group may elect to make payment via the same electronic payment methods shown above.
Group purchases may be made via the same electronic payment methods shown above, or via the following "manual" methods:
- Corporate and Cashiers Checks
- Bank Wire Transfer
- Purchase Orders

When using "manual" payment methods, payments must be made quarterly in advance of the quarter of service.

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