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MessageBuilder Pro is the application used to create and store your video messages. Using these tools, you are able to quickly and easily create dynamic video messages with a wide range of content, style and overall message. These tools provide the following features:
  • Video Creation (record, import, server selection)
  • Message List Management (upload, delete from server, all data is synchronized with server when in use)
  • Proxy Configuration Options
  • Audience Encoding Selections
  • Video Compression
  • Account Authentication (with each use, the software must successfully authenticate your account to ensure security)
  • Account Management
  • Profile Information Management
  • Content Management (logos, promotional images, contact profiles, backgrounds, frames, etc.)
  • Message Management including view tracking
  • Plan Changes
  • Message Library Selection
  • Message Library Administration (for library administrators)
Depending upon the length of the video used, most messages may be recorded, saved, and uploaded in 5 minutes or less. Our message creation process provides users with "on-demand" video creation giving you the power to take action and distribute your message globally the minute you are ready. No appointments with technical staff, no delays working with your IT department, just record, save, and upload. We'll do the rest!

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