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MessageStore is one of the most powerful features Accelstream provides. Targeted at groups of users, MessageStore provides a managed, common area for video clip and message sharing. Large groups are able to leverage video and content creation investments made centrally by the group. Additionally, messages selected from this "library" are already on the server, removing the time spent to encode and upload those portions of the video message. The more people in the group, the greater the overall savings!

Users may select clips from store as they build new messages, or simply select them with different surrounding content for distribution from their account. Messages copied from the store are tracked local to their account for accounting purposes. The MessageStore portal provides the following features:

  • Unlimited Category Creation
  • Unlimited Video Messages per Category*
  • Member Video Message Contribution
  • Multiple MessageStore Admins
  • Private/Public Selection on Category Level
  • Share Private Categories at User Level

    * based on available account storage space
Communcation is personal. The MessageStore system takes the work out of personalizing your professional video messages.

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