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Accelstream provides an easy-to-use system to create, store, and deliver your own video messages to anyone around the world. You create messages locally, but upload and store them on Accelstream servers around the world. The messages are "streamed" to the viewers removing the need for heavy downloads.
Our dynamic playback screens, both standard and custom, provide an efficient platform for presenting your brand and the focus of your message. Multiple locations are provided for user-configurable links to take your viewers precisely where you want them to go after viewing the message.
MessageBuilder Pro
Building messages is as easy as recording a quick message. You may also import video clips from other sources, even pick videos from your existing messages on our servers. Building the exact message to get your point across couldn't be easier.

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MessageStore is one of the most powerful features Accelstream provides. Targeted at groups of users, MessageStore provides a managed, common area for video clip and message sharing.

Users may select clips from the store as they build new messages, or simply select them with different surrounding content for distribution from their account. Messages copied from the store are tracked local to their account for accounting purposes.
Since your video and message content are held on our servers, you can be sure that anyone around the world will be able to view the video. Also, each message is delivered with the concise information to get your message across such as branding, promotional images, links and your personal contact information. Managing your videos and content is a snap with our systems.

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Take a test drive or request a quotation today and see why so many individuals and organizations are using Accelstream to "get the message out."

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