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There are literally unlimited ways that you may apply Accelstream to communicate your video messages. However there are features of the system that are particularly strong for specific business areas. See some of the applications of our services below:
Event Promotion - Follow-Up
  • Event Promotion
  • Sponsor / Donor Promotion
  • Special Promotions
  • Event Follow-up / Lead Conversion
  • Dynamic Content Shows YOUR Brand
  • Custom Layouts Add Even More Style
  • Click Here to Watch Example
  • Nothing Says it Better than Video
  • More Personal Than Text Messaging
  • Organizations Operate More Smoothly with More Accurate Communication
  • No Misunderstandings Prevalent in Text-Based Communications
  • Lower Cost Than Corporate Publications
  • More Timely Communications
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Resort / Tourism
  • It's Like You are There!
  • Rich, Irresistable Video
  • Who Could Not Picture Themselves There?
  • Lower Cost Than Periodic Publications
  • More Timely, Seasonal Promotion
  • Click Here to Watch Example
Real Estate
  • More Comprehensive Presentation of Property Features and Surroundings
  • Pleasant Music Possibilities
  • Requires No User Interaction - Just Sit Back and Enjoy!
  • Get a True Feel for the Space
  • An Actual Walk-Through
  • Click Here to Watch Example

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